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Personal Development

Personal development is one of the key components of APAX. We offer you many different opportunities besides teaching the youth of Vietnam.

Modern Classroom

Every APAX classroom is equipped with a smart-board, an Ipad and a green screen. No need for lesson planning and books anymore!

Centers all over Vietnam

APAX started in Hanoi in 2015, but now we can be found in almost every major city in Vietnam. Explore your new city here, right now!

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Complete Support

As a new arrival to Vietnam you’ll find that things are done differently here. APAX offers support in and outside of the classroom!

Great Salary and Benefits

APAX offers a very competitive salary, paid on a monthly basis. So NO uncertainties with an hourly wage!

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See what our teachers have to say

I worked at APAX English full-time (Less than a year)

Found it easy, all lesson planning and material provided, great pay and supportive coworkers.

Luke Teacher in Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam)

“Really Solid Teaching & Managing Experience”

High pay for Vietnam
Consistent and manageable schedule with two days off a week
Great colleagues who are mostly easy and enjoyable to manage
Chances to spend time out of Hanoi and Saigon and get good bonuses

Amber Headteacher/Faculty Manager in Hanoi

In my opinion, APAX is:

As professional as it gets in Vietnam
Has real educational goals
Gives teachers freedom and flexibility in and out of classroom
Barely any lesson planning and admin

Josh English Teacher in Hanoi


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