Teach at APAX English

As a teacher at APAX English, you will enjoy a wealth of resources, training, and support, and you will teach in an exciting and versatile environment. Teach at APAX English, all in a days work!


More than just teaching

Your students will do so much more than just study a textbook. And you will do so much more than stand at in front of a class!

What makes APAX special, what sets us apart, is our commitment to expression, creativity and confidence building. Every day that you come to work, you’ll do so much more than teach. You will sing and you will dance! You will write scripts and direct movies. Together with your students you will celebrate their little triumphs as they build toward the larger victory of English fluency.



The centerpiece of the APAX curriculum is the Creative Thinking Project, or CTP. These are video performances by your students. Using the green screen technology equipped in your classroom, you will record small skits with young students. With your upper levels you’ll turn their lessons into scripts which they will act out. We believe that all the knowledge in the world is useless if students don’t have the confidence to express it.

These videos will be posted online for the students and their families to watch. This gives parents and friends a glimpse into the classroom, and measures students’ improvement in a way they will much prefer to the tedium of tests.


Your day

Your day as an APAX teacher will involve a high-energy curriculum. Aided by your classroom’s Smartboard technology, you will deliver organized lessons. (No lesson planning required!)

Class size is sixteen students or less. You’ll teach your students new words with big, silly hand gestures and amusing songs. Furthermore you’ll read and dance and play language games built into your Smartboard lessons.

Every other week you’ll record CTPs with your classes, then edit their videos and post them online. You get to see all of your students for 90 minutes per week. This will give you the time to build valuable relationships with all of them and become an influential figure in their lives. This is definitely a job you will remember.


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