Da Nang City

Teach in Da Nang

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Teach in Da Nang

Teach in Da Nang – An interview with teacher Cristian. Da Nang is a city in the middle of Vietnam. It offers some of the best beaches, but also has beautiful scenery and mountains. ESL life in Da Nang is an city to live and work in. Interested, read more here…

Life in Vietnam

ESL Life in Lao Cai

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APAX Life in Lao Cai 8

ESL Life in Lao Cai – An interview with teachers Kaitlyn and Kyle. Lào Cai is a province in the northwest of Vietnam. It’s known for its mountains, rivers, waterfalls and ethnic hill tribes. The province’s towering peaks include Fansipan and dragon-jaw-shaped Hàm Rồng Mountain, which offers panoramic views and gardens with hundreds of orchids. […]


ESL Teaching In Vietnam

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Join APAX - ESL Teaching in Vietnam

ESL Teaching in Vietnam is becoming more and more a destination for young expats to start there ESL career. This country offer so much in terms of culture, food and lifestyle that it’s hard to blame anyone for wanting to come over here!


ESL teaching in Vinh

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ESL Teaching Vinh, Vietnam

ESL Teaching Vinh, Vietnam ESL Teaching Vinh is a great new adventure. APAX English has currently 2 centers in Vinh, which have been growing at an incredible pace. Vinh offers many different opportunities for ESL teachers, so don’t miss out…