Life in Vietnam

Teaching in Vinh Phuc

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ESL Teaching Vinh Phuc

Vinh Phuc's Profile Teaching in Vinh Phuc – The story of our teachers in Vinh Phuc. Vinh Phuc is a city in the mountainous province northwest of Hanoi.                   What’s your favorite thing about the city? It’s quiet. Also, I found this place where they got pretty good coffee. I like that! – Emil Less traffic […]

Lao Cai

ESL Life in Lao Cai

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APAX Life in Lao Cai 8

ESL Life in Lao Cai – An interview with teachers Kaitlyn and Kyle. Lào Cai is a province in the northwest of Vietnam. It’s known for its mountains, rivers, waterfalls and ethnic hill tribes. The province’s towering peaks include Fansipan and dragon-jaw-shaped Hàm Rồng Mountain, which offers panoramic views and gardens with hundreds of orchids. […]


ESL teaching in Vinh

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ESL Teaching Vinh, Vietnam

ESL Teaching Vinh, Vietnam ESL Teaching Vinh is a great new adventure. APAX English has currently 2 centers in Vinh, which have been growing at an incredible pace. Vinh offers many different opportunities for ESL teachers, so don’t miss out…