Teach in Hanoi

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APAX ESL Hanoi 08

A teachers view of Hanoi ESL Teaching in Hanoi – Life inside the Major Cities – An interview with APAX teachers living in Hanoi.                  What’s your favorite thing about the city? The energy. Regardless of the time of year, day or week, Hanoi is up and ready. It is a fierce and fiery city […]

Life in Vietnam

Teach in Thanh Hoa

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APAX ESL Thanh Hoa 4

Teach in Thanh Hoa An interview with teacher John, who works for Apax in Thanh Hoa                  What’s your favorite thing about the city? Nice people who are always willing to help and the cost of living is very low. This is the place for anyone who wants to save a lot.                  How busy […]