ESL Teaching in Vietnam is becoming more and more a destination for young expats to start there ESL career. This country offer so much in terms of culture, food and lifestyle that it’s hard to blame anyone for wanting to come over here!

Vietnam is offering different climates, ranging from hot tropical climates in the south to a much cooler 4 seasons climate in the north. Most teachers start in either Ho Chi Minh City, south Vietnam, or Ha Noi, north Vietnam. However the ESL field is growing and more centers are opening up in other cities!


Why ESL Teaching in Vietnam?

Most people that aspire to teach English in South East Asia will first look into countries such as China, Korea or Thailand. However most of these countries have a saturated ESL market, which relates into long working day, lower salary and higher living expenses. So which place is better?

Vietnam! This country offers:ESL Teaching in Vietnam

  • High possibility of employment
  • Relatively high salary
  • Cheap living
  • Exceptional social life

Furthermore Vietnam is one of the most beautiful countries in South East Asia. You’ll find amazing view on top of mountain ranges, such as Ta Cu Mountain, Marble Mountain and Mount Fansipan. Exploring the biggest caves in the world at Phong Nha, or chill at one of the many beaches in the country such as Mui Ne, Hoi An or Cat Ba island.

The TEFL industry has been steadily growing over the last 10 years. The Vietnamese government has been trying to get more and more native English speakers into public schools. These schools are mainly in the big cities, however there are opportunities in smaller cities too. The big downside to teaching for a public school is the class size, curriculum and salary. However for those that are Native speakers with a university degree, ESL companies is the way to go.


Why Teach for APAX English

Like in most countries, most of the opportunities for finding TEFL jobs in Vietnam will be in the big cities. Both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh will have the most teaching jobs available, but there will also be some opportunities in the other cities and towns all over the country.

APAX English is the biggest ESL company of Vietnam, with over 56 center (2017) in Vietnam. They offer jobs in every province of Vietnam, assuring you the ESL experience you are after. Furthermore with over 400 expat teachers working for APAX, you’ll find like-minded people that can help you through your experience as an ESL teacher in Vietnam.


How to Apply

To apply for a position with APAX you need to pass the requirements set up by the Vietnamese government. Most pubic schools don’t adhere to these requirements, however the big ESL companies have to follow the laws by the letter. So what are these requirements?:

  • A University Degree (Bachelor’s or higher)
    • When you can prove 5 years of English teaching experience, then a TEFL degree isn’t required
  • A Background Check (from country of origin)
  • A Health Check (can be done in Vietnam)

If you tick all the boxes than it’s time to apply. The easiest way is to go or sent your C.V., University Degree and TEFL degree to You’ll be invited to an initial Skype interview at office hours (Hanoi Time).


The process of getting hired

To starts ESL teaching in Vietnam with APAX English, you’ll start with an initial interview with our recruiting department. Within this interview you can questions about:

  • Reasons for applying
  • Previous work experience (if applicable)
  • Current location (in Vietnam or outside)
  • Aspirations and intentions
  • Opinions about the program
  • Interests in certain locations

ESL Teaching in Vietnam, in Rural VietnamWhen this interview is positive to both you and APAX the hiring process will be continued. After your initial interview you’ll be sent follow-up emails that explain the exact steps on how to get a Business Visa with APAX English

Getting a work visa is one of the basic requirements to be able to work in Vietnam. How to obtain this visa is at times convoluted, to make this much more clear APAX will guide you through the whole process:


In Vietnam

When you apply for a job with APAX English and you are in Vietnam, you’ll need to do a visa run. This requires you to leave Vietnam for 5 business days. In this time-period you can apply for a Business Letter. This is a document that you’ll show upon return to Vietnam. When you show your Business Letter at immigration you’ll receive a work Visa.


Outside Vietnam

The process is easier if you aren’t in Vietnam. You just simply notify APAX when you plan to fly over to Vietnam. Do make sure you sent over your flight details at least 1 week before departure. APAX will then sent over you Business Letter before you leave for Vietnam. Again you’ll show the Business Letter at immigration to receive your Business Visa.


When you have decided that you want to start ESL teaching in Vietnam for APAX English, there will be another interview. This time there will be an offer letter presented, which states all the requirements and remunerations of a one year contract. Once you signed this document and sent it back, you are ready to join training and start teaching for APAX.


Flying to Vietnam

In the week before your departure to Vietnam, you’ll be sent additional information about useful things to bring to Vietnam. When you arrive in Hanoi, APAX offers temporary accommodation for about $5 per night. Of course you can also find a nice hotel in Old Quarter.


Training before working

To get started ESL teaching in Vietnam with APAX English you’ll first need to complete a training week. This week is to make sure you’ll be able to teach the curriculum of the company and feel comfortable with the technology, smart boards and ipads, that you’ll find in every classroom.


Receiving Training Information

Training information will be sent to you in the week before training. You’ll have at least a weekend to prepare for the first day of training on Monday. The information will be sent by email and will outline everything you need to know before you begin. This will include where, when and whether you’ll be in a morning or afternoon training session.


Training Week

The entire training will take 5 days, about 3 hours per day. There will be a pass or fail mock day, this ensures teacher quality for students and parents. You’ll have to do some preparation work  at home after every days.

During this training week there will be a final decision made on which center you start your ESL career. APAX English will try to get your wishes with placement realized within the positions that are available.


Notarization of Documents

The final hurdle that needs to be passed before you are actually in the classroom is to get all your documents notarized. Again APAX will assist as much as possible. The exact process differences from embassy to embassy. You’ll need to make an appointment with the embassy and get notarized copies and most likely an affidavit. This will all be discussed and set up during your training week.

Any remaining questions, or want more information in general? Feel free to contact us, or click here! Start ESL teaching in Vietnam today!