ESL Teaching Vinh Phuc

Explore a growing gem: APAX came just a few months ago and is already
leading the way with two centers and a nice expat community…

Vĩnh Phúc is a mountainous province less than a few hours northwest of Hanoi, with a population of over 1 million. In the northeast, the wooded mountains of Tam Đảo National Park are home to Thác Bạc waterfall and the Buddhist monastery Trúc Lâm Tây Thiên. The resort fringed Đại Lải Lake lies to the east. To the west is the soaring brick Bình Sơn Tower, originally built during the Tran Dynasty.

APAX English in Vinh Phuc

APAX English has been in Vinh Phuc since June 2017. Vinh Phuc is a smaller town where our teachers get to experience the real Vietnam. So far the introduction of APAX in Vinh Phuc has been a success. The students are super eager and most teachers don’t want to leave the city. The teachers have created their own little micro climate, with their own hangout spots. Furthermore the Vietnamese colleagues have taken it on to teach the teachers Vietnamese in their own free time.

A few recommendations by our teachers:

  • Dai Lai Lake
  • Tam Dao National Park
  • Bia Hoi


How to apply

Want to get a job ESL Teaching Vinh Phuc? Feel free to contact us here! What will you need to be an ESL teacher for APAX English? If you fit the following profile, send us a message directly!

  • Native Speaker
  • University degree
  • CELTA or TEFL degree
  • Background check
  • Health check

In some cases we can assist you in obtaining a background- and health check here in Vietnam. Feel free to ask us any questions regarding these checks.