The Capital of Vietnam

Amazing Food

The city is filled with amazing street food, ranging from bánh xèo (pancakes) to bún chả (pork and noodles), or phở (noodle soup). Don’t miss out on this amazing experience!

Big City Life

Hanoi offers a huge variety of experiences, beautiful locations to live and work! Having and ice-coffee or a couple of beers around the lakes in the city center.


Hanoi is where we introduced APAX English. With over 23 centers we have the biggest presence here.



ESL Teaching Hanoi, Vietnam. Join APAX English!

Positions filled in February 2018

Hanoi - APAX April
Hanoi - APAX iGarten
Hanoi - APAX 4.0


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APAX ESL Hanoi 08

Teach in Hanoi

A teachers view of Hanoi ESL Teaching in Hanoi – Life inside the Major Cities – An interview with APAX teachers living in Hanoi.                  What’s your favorite thing about the city? The energy. Regardless of the time of year, day or week, Hanoi is up and ready. It is a fierce and fiery city […]

TEFL job in Hanoi at APAX

Finding a TEFL job in Hanoi, Vietnam!

Finding a TEFL job in Hanoi, Vietnam was incredibly easy. Much easier than those days we spent strolling from school to school in the sweltering heat trying to find a job in Thailand!

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