Life in Ho Chi Minh City


ESL teachers in Vietnam have some amazing stories to tell! This is the first interview with our teachers in a series of videos. Were have 4 of our Ho Chi Minh City teachers here today. They will tell their story about their experiences in Vietnam. Sharing stories of working for APAX and the students they have in class. Giving insight in how living in South East Asia is and how this has changed them. 

Special thanks to: Maryam, David, Amanda and Walker

A Girl’s guide to Vietnam


We had the privilege of interviewing a group of teachers about their experience of traveling, teaching and living in Vietnam and what it's like on a day-to-day basis as a woman, what they wish they knew before coming over.

Special thanks to: Ashleigh, Ineta and Jamie

Happy Christmas Hanoi

A Christmas special created by one of our amazing Faculty Managers for her teachers. A special Thank you to Naomi for creating this for her Teachers.

Special thanks to Naomi

Teacher Focus: Holland

Teacher Focus

We had the amazing opportunity to film one of our teacher's lives outside of APAX. Holland is a teacher at Huong Dao Thuy, with a passion for art and design. He's created some amazing pieces which he allowed us to film. A big thank you to Holland for allowing us to film his amazing creations.

APAX Kick Off Event 2018

We had the opportunity to attend the APAX Kick off event for 2018. There were a lot of honored guests, some amazing talents being displayed on stage as well as quite a few speeches. It was an amazing day.